Being Indie (Part 2)

Last time I started telling the story of “Why am I doing this” so lets continue.

So why vocal recording instead of just podcasting? Simple: I plan to open a business, the more types of customers I can cater to the better. I also think it is also a fun challenge to edit other types of things and create this content. I also had to think of finances and while a full music studio setup is amazing, its far more expensive.

My research started to confirm this on a couple levels. The biggest was there are multiple music recording studios in the area. But there was no one offering anything for podcast production and we only had one place offering audiobook recording. So I thought to myself great I have market that isn’t heavily tapped locally without really getting involved in music studio production.

I spent a lot of time looking at services offered online, locally, and in Seattle to try to figure out some price points. Because it is a service not fully offered in our area, pricing has been the hardest part. I had to try to make educated guesses on what my time and equipment are worth per hour/session.

So I had a business concept. Now what the heck do I do with this knowledge and make a business? (to be continued)

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