Being Indie (Finale)

Previously we talked about interest and the coming together of ideas that may make a business. Now to the last question how to put it all into something that works…

The last part of this intro story really is just everything aligning. There was a office space a friend had been in and I had always thought the smaller office inside was a great space for podcasts. Well my friend finally moved to a larger space and it became available. There was the fact I just finished paying off a loan. So the money I was allocating each month to that was free and mentally I had been writing that money off for some time so why not keep writing it off and reinvest it into something. Last was the motivation mentioned before of my friends going out and trying new things. It really made me want to try something.

So all these thoughts aligned in my head and I came up with this business idea. I felt like the risk was minimal, I wasn’t spending extra money (no loans were planned), and the office space seemed perfect. So now I’ve decided to open a business , what kind of services I will offer, what kind of equipment I needed (lot of research on this and probably my next post will be about it), how much it will cost, and how much I will charge. As I write this blog post I am in the process of setting the rest up. I plant to make the rest of these posts about setting up the business the decisions I make, and how I came to whatever conclusion. Here’s to being and Indie business!

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