Finally starting this crazy business plan.

In some ways I am grateful to the delays I have had in starting my business. It gave me time to prepare and think things through. But it has also been very nerve wracking and I have felt anxious to start this venture.

Really it has just been a delay in my planned business location being ready. It will end up opening about 2 months after I had wanted. I would say the big silver lining is that it is not costing me anything (no rent or loan payments have been made for the lost time). It has meant that things like this site are not fully active yet and i unnecessarily jumped the gun on some equipment (thinking I would need it sooner). So I missed a few good deals and prices. But I have already absorb those costs and own the equipment free and clear so that works in my favor.

I have had a couple potential ventures I’m basiclly sitting on that I cant produce right at the moment because I have no studio. And I have to wait on things like furniture since there is no place to store it. So there is just a lot of sitting, waiting, and just trying to pick little things off my list that I can do.

There is also things I never thought about when i was budgeting. I never thought about insurance as far as I needed some kind of general liability if someone gets hurt on my premises. What kind of Storage for audio do i need onsite/ offsite? Should I build a full server? Do I need really high bandwidth internet? It has made me realize whatever you budget for your new business both startup cost and monthly, give yourself some extra padding. Not only for surprises but just aspects you didn’t know existed or would be responsible for.

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