It’s Finally Starting to Look Like a Business

My goal for this business blog has been to share the things I experience as a new owner/creator/operator/designer. It has been slower going than I anticipated to just get everything ready and setup. Today was the first time it really felt like this vision I had had for months was actually taking shape.

Sure I had bought equipment (microphones, audio interfaces, stands, etc.), but today we were actually building our recording booth. Ultimately I plan to get a proper vocal booth if this whole thing lasts. But for my budgeted business plan the 3 to 5 grand a proper booth costs is not feasible at the moment. So we spent a fair amount of time attaching acoustic panels. I was very proud of the results.

I am hoping to be done by mid week and plan on starting my recording demos soon, I look forward to actually seeking out business. I suppose while I am at it I should shamelessly plug our that our Facebook Page is now up and running.

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