I have been kicking around several ideas for our starting projects. I can’t really share any at the moment, but I want to say I am grateful to the people who are helping me set up this business and giving me feedback about ideas as they arise. One of the things I can talk about is Vocal Talent. I am hoping that starting 1st week of September we can have local people come in and make short demo. These will serve as samples for future clients and allow them to choose the voice they want for their projects. My hope is that people will contact us through social media and our site so that we can have a decent list of talent on call when projects start.

It feels like its has been a very long road to get to this point with several months of waiting and planning. It’s difficult since I just wanted to get going and start producing things right away. However I also want to do this right and be reasonable about each step. We are close but we aren’t quite ready to open yet. This past weekend was spent painting and doing more setup of the recording booth.

I am very happy with the results so far but it has been more money and time than was planned for these stages. Because I have not taken out any loans and kept my day job all these changes have had to come paycheck to paycheck. Which is good in that I am not accruing debt, but bad because it makes the prep process slow at times.

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