We are recording!

The studio is basiclly done! It has been a long summer full of a lot of sacrificed time and waiting, but we made it. A few more things need to be put up on the walls but the recording equipment is all set and we did our first calibrations and demos today.

It is very rewarding when the vision you have starts to actually take place. I am thankful for the people who have let me ask lots of annoying questions and poke at them with my concerns. While I have always tried to approach this startup with minimal risk, it does not mean that I did not worry every step of the way. There has been so much planning, checking, double checking, questioning if the choice is right, buying something and hoping it works the way I planned.

Now all I can do is start creating and hope that this pays off in the long run. As I stated in earlier posts this is not my day job yet, but I hope it will be at some point. So now I have to make this grow and become what I wanted from the start. To be Indie.

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