Getting the word out

September has been a interesting month. Indie finally has a couple demo projects in the works and we will soon be putting up our first voice samples. We also plan on updating the site a bit now that our space is done.

I can’t talk about the project specifics yet but I look forward to announcing and sharing them with everyone. I can give a little tease of what is coming; we are working on a 4-part podcast series that we hope will be informative and help open dialogue about current issues we all face in our local communities. I also look forward to talking about how this project came about and just general discussion on what it takes to pull something like this off in terms of a from scratch podcast.

To tie in with this title, our new new business cards have arrived (the first batch had some printing issues). We just finished making flyers this past week to put up in some of our favorite local spots.

Last I wanted to say thanks to a couple of my friends and family who let me constantly bounce ideas off them, help with equipment, and just be my general sounding board when I have to work something out. Though the business and risks are mine, I don’t think I would be half as far as I am without being able to talk to these people.

The next two weeks, should bring a lot of new creations and discussions. I hope I will get to share them all with you.

Till then , Stay Indie.

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