Audiobook Production

Indie Audio was founded to help support local artists, includes writers. Quality audiobook production is a extensive process, we have laid out some of the things authors should take into account when considering an audiobook production.

The most important thing to note for authors is we are not a publishing company. Indie Audio will help the author publish to Audible (or other formats if desired) at the end of production. But authors will retain all of the rites to both their written and finished audiobook format.

Next authors need to consider the time and money involved in a book. If you want to get a estimate of how long your book will be in finished format take the number of words in your book and divide it by 9300 (average number of words per hour in an audiobook). Thus an 80,000 word book is around 8 1/2 to 9 hours depending on the speed of the narrator. Authors should assume at least double that in raw recording time, plus the actual editing and mastering time (which is probably that same length again). Thus a finished 9 hour book could take 30 hours all told with recording, voice work, and editing to be done.

Last is to decide on what kind of narration they want for their work. Some prefer to narrate works themselves and some want voice actors. Indie Audio will provide a list of suggested voice actors (samples coming soon) for you to listen to and pick from. Authors can also bring in outside actors of their choice. Please note that your fee with Indie Audio does not cover voice acting, only the studio and production costs. Indie Audio is not responsible for paying the actors or their rates, that is a separate contract between the actor and writer.