New Podcast Series

Sound Check Spokane is our newest podcast series and will be a part of the Indie Audio family. Each episode we invite local musicians from around the Pacific Northwest to talk about their music, upcoming concerts, and their goals as a band. It will be available on 9 major platforms as it gets released.

Getting the word out

September has been a interesting month. Indie finally has a couple demo projects in the works and we will soon be putting up our first voice samples. We also plan on updating the site a bit now that our space is done. I can't talk about the project specifics yet but I look forward to [...]

We are recording!

The studio is basiclly done! It has been a long summer full of a lot of sacrificed time and waiting, but we made it. A few more things need to be put up on the walls but the recording equipment is all set and we did our first calibrations and demos today.It is very rewarding [...]


I have been kicking around several ideas for our starting projects. I can't really share any at the moment, but I want to say I am grateful to the people who are helping me set up this business and giving me feedback about ideas as they arise. One of the things I can talk about [...]

Being Indie (Finale)

Previously we talked about interest and the coming together of ideas that may make a business. Now to the last question how to put it all into something that works... The last part of this intro story really is just everything aligning. There was a office space a friend had been in and I had [...]

Being Indie (Part 2)

Last time I started telling the story of "Why am I doing this" so lets continue. ... So why vocal recording instead of just podcasting? Simple: I plan to open a business, the more types of customers I can cater to the better. I also think it is also a fun challenge to edit other [...]